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Summary of Wilfred Poppinga

Working in a team and as a mentor of a multitude of students, I have experienced that more can be achieved in collaborations than as individuals, making new insights and connections possible due to interactions with people of various backgrounds. During this time I have developed my project management and leadership skills. I am a confident, independent, critical thinker that thinks outside of the box with a good sense of humor. I have experience in presenting in international conferences and enjoy public speaking; in addition I have experience in writing research - and review papers for international peer-reviewed journals and small grant proposals.

Professional Objective

My longterm objective is to be a principal investigator in compartmentalized signaling in respect to pharmacology and pathology. To achieve my goals I am always looking for oppurtinities to gain new experiences and collaborations with people willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Fields of interest:
  • Intracellular signaling
  • Signal compartmentalization
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • (Airway) Pharmacology
  • Respiratory Research

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